n. pl. (singular -chus) divisions of windpipe, one leading to each lung.
   ♦ bronchial,
   ♦ bronchiectasis, n. dilatation of bronchi.
   ♦ bronchiole, n, minute branch of a bronchus.
   ♦ bronchitis, n. inflammation of bronchi.
   ♦ bronchitic, a.
   ♦ bronchocele,,
  n . goitre.
   ♦ bronchodilator, n. drug that relaxes and dilates the bronchial tubes.
   ♦ bronchopulmonary ), adj. pertaining to bronchial tubes and lungs.
   ♦ bronchos, n. temporary loss of voice.
   ♦ bronchoscope n. instrument for examining the bronchi
   ♦ bronchoscopic, a.
   ♦ bronchotomy, n. incision into larynx or trachea.

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